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Printable versions of the Zoning Ordinance(Consolidated 1-9) below
Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance Amendments 10 and 11

New Ordinances added since January 1, 2010 are PDF format amd adobe reader will be required to view them:

Dangerous Structure Ordinance

This section contains the complete text of the township's:
Dismantled Car Ordinance
and the complete text of the township's Nuisance Ordinance. Click on the highlighted link.

Questions concerning other township ordinances should be directed to the township office at 906-635-3058.

On-line text of Ordinances may contain typographical errors. In the event of any differences between the on-line versions and official printed versions, the official printed versions shall prevail. Ordinance Amendments may also exist and should be checked for any updated provisions.