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Board of Review

The Board of Review is three-member board of township electors required by state law to be established for the annual review of the property tax assessment roll, for the correction of assessment errors, and for the correction of errors concerning homestead and agricultural property tax exemptions. Members are appointed by the Township Board for two year terms. The Township Supervisor serves as secretary to the Board of Review and the Township Assessor serves as the assessment resource person.

The Board of Review meets three times each year on dates established by state law. Meetings are scheduled in March, July, and December. The March meeting provides an opportunity for taxpayers to question property tax assessments for the preceding year. Dates and times for the March meeting are included on annual notices of assessment.

Current Members are:
· Carolyn Person - Chairperson
· Reine Benoit - Member
· Melvin VanLuven - Member
· Carl Marsh - Supervisor / Secretary
· Howard Ledergerber- Township Assessor